Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

A TNA is performed in order to determine areas of job performance in which an employee needs improvement.  To ensure the best possible returns training and development activities have to be targeted, planned and managed properly therefore assessment’s should be conducted before any training takes place and should be followed up by post course evaluation, after the training event, in order to determine the effectiveness of the training.   Hopefully training is an essential part of your organisation’s structure and culture!

Microsoft Office 365/2019 Training Needs Analysis (TNA) forms

Please fell free to download our Excel based TNA forms below to distribute amongst your colleagues and do your own assessments.  They will assist you in deciding which of our courses to attend. They cover Microsoft Office 2019 (and earlier versions).

Interview Tests

Over the years we have, on numerous occasions, been asked if we can provide sample tests to check an applicants product knowledge e.g. on Excel during the interview process.  We have a number of tests now so please contact us for pricing.