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Our weekly handy top tips on Microsoft Office, Adobe CC and many more..  e.g. Excel, Word, Office 365, InDesign, Photoshop.


19 July 2018

Excel - Hide formulas

Home, Format, Format Cells, [Protection] tab, tick Hidden box, OK.
Home, Format, Protect Sheet, apply password if needed, OK.

3 July 2018

MS Word Tips

1. Hold Ctrl and press Backspace - delete entire words at a time
2. Type three hyphens and press enter = a horizontal line
3. Shift + F3 to change case between lower/upper/capital
4. File, Protect Document, Mark as final, makes it read-only

16 June 2018

Excel tip

XL Find using Ctrl+F - get rid of annoying dialog box and still use the function! 1. Press Ctrl+F 2. When 1st occurrence shown press the Esc key (or Close button). 3. To find next occurrence, Shift+F4.

4 June 2018


Show/hide weather in the calendar File, Options, Calendar, tick "Show weather on the calendar", ok

2 June 2018

MS Word Tips

Ctrl + E - Center paragraph Shift+F5 - Switch to where the cursor was last time u saved a doc Select vertical text - press/hold Alt before you click and drag! Ctrl + Spacebar - Remove All Formatting

12 May 2018

Great tip for viewing work

(Bird's eye view) When zoomed in, hold down H and drag in the image to instantly go to full screen

11 May 2018

Easy marquee selections:

with any Marquee tool Hold down ALT to start a selection at the centre point
and then hold Space to temporarily move the selection around.

14 April 2018

PowerPoint 2016 tip

Forgot your laser pointer? No worries, in PowerPoint presentation mode hold Ctrl and left-Click your mouse button to replace your mouse cursor with a laser pointer!

13 April 2018

To Add Guest Accounts in Microsoft Teams

Teams are listed on left
1 R-click on Team name, select Add Members
2 Enter persons email address (if outside your company, Teams will auto add them as guest)
3 User accepts the request and can log in and use Teams just like a standard user.

3 April 2018

How long have I worked here? Excel length of service formula where D5 = Joining date:

=DATEDIF(D5,TODAY(),"y")&" years, "&DATEDIF(D5,TODAY(),"ym")&" months, "&DATEDIF(D5,TODAY(),"md")&" days"

28 February 2018

Windows 10 - Sticky Notes

No Post IT notes to hand - use the free one supplied in Windows 10.
1. Click in 'Type here to search' box on taskbar
2. Start typing stic
3. Click on Sticky Notes from the listed items!

28 February 2018


Get rid of alerts every time you receive new email.
File, Options, Mail, untick “Display a Desktop Alert”, OK.

20 February 2018


Quickly select all cells containing a word/phrase
1. Ctrl + F
2. Type in the word/phrase you are looking for
3. Click Find All
4. Click on any of the shown matches
5. Ctrl + A (to select them all)
6. Close the Find & Select window

14 February 2018

Windows 10 tip

TO get rid off irrelevant menu items:
1 In Explorer go to this folder
2 C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\
3 delete any folders/software icons as required.

14 February 2018


Conditional formatting Pivots eg data bars
1 Select Pivot Table column
2 Conditional Formatting, Data Bars, & pick a colour
3 MUST – Click the little icon at the bottom of the data and apply the formatting rule to the PIVOT FIELDS

14 February 2018


Filter x number of items in a Pivot table
1 Select the items you want (can be non-contiguous )
2 R-click, Filter, Keep Only Selected Items

You can also do the reverse and hide the items:
R-click, Filter, Hide selected items

11 February 2018

#Win10 - Change Icon Sizes on Desktop

1. R-click in any empty space on the desktop.
2. Select View.
3. Choose Large icons, Medium icons, or Small icons.

5 February 2018

Office 365 PPT - turn your mouse icon into a laser pointer.

You can use your mouse as a fake laser pointer:
Slide show, Set up Slide show, Laser Pointer colour, OK
Now to use it during your slide show simply hold down CTRL and press the left mouse button

4 February 2018

Print File/Folder lists in Windows Explorer

1- go to the folder you want to print contents list
2- In address bar type CMD, & Enter
(command prompt opens)
3. Type dir>files_folders.txt
4. Press Enter
Now just open your txt file or import into Excel!

18 January 2018

Excel Tip

Did you know you can use Slicers in a filtered table?
1. Create a list
2. [Home], Format as table
3. [Data], Filter
4. [Insert], Slicer
5. Tick the Fields you want to use
6. OK


24 December 2017

Turn Off video Autoplay in Firefox

Type “about:config” in location bar.
Opens new window with a warning, just ignore it & view config options.
Search 4 “autoplay”.
Theres a preference called “media.autoplay.enabled” with value of True. Double click on it to switch it to False.

4 December 2017

Microsoft teams shortcuts

Press R key on keyboard to reply to a thread
Press Alt-A to attach a file to a message
View all keyboard shortcuts – press Alt-/ (Alt and forward slash) in Windows.

27 November 2017

Excel – stop Enter key moving down – its really annoying!

File, Options, Advanced, untick the ‘After Pressing Enter, Move Selection’ box, OK

10 November 2017

Outlook recall and replace a message

1 Sent Items folder, Open message that you want to recall
2 Actions > Recall this Message
3 Delete unread copies of this message

20 October 2017

Windows 10 – delete all empty folders

Open Explorer, Search tab – Click on Kind & select folder, click on Size, select 0 and click Search

28 September 2017


Replace empty cells with zero values in a chart
R-click chart, Data, Hidden and Empty Cells, Zero, OK, OK

12 September 2017

Add bullets in Excel

Within A Cell – press Alt + 7 (number must be from the number pad)

5 July 2017

Excel Keyboard shortcuts on a Mac

Absolute – ⌘T
Fill Down – ⌘ D
Fill Right – ⌘ R
Format cells dialog – ⌘ 1
Close active file – ⌘ W

2 June 2017


Shift + F2 – Add cell comment
CTRL + F1 – Collapse/Expand ribbon
CRTL + 1 – Format Cells dialog
CTRL + ; – Insert today’s date

23 May 2017

Outlook 2016 Mark Items as Read Timer

File, Options, Mail, Reading Pane button, Mark items as read when viewed in the Reading Pane, 60sec,OK

28 April 2017

Excel: See all characters in font set

Put this formula in A1 =CHAR(ROW())
Copy this down 265 places

24 April 2017

MOS: Microsoft Office Specialist 2016

All you need to know can be accessed here:

17 March 2017

#Windows10 – Stop annoying adverts

Settings, Personalization, Start, “Occasionally show suggestions in Start” = Off.

1 March 2017

Defer sending email

File, Manage Rules&Alerts, New Rule, Apply rule on messages I send, Next, Defer delivery by number of minutes, 2, ok

10 February 2017


Freestyle writing
Double-click anywhere on page and start typing (does not matter if area is blank).

6 February 2017


Use CONVERT function e.g. imperial to metric measures or Temperatures
Loads of options

23 January 2017

Word2016 tip – Insert File folder location into the footer

Click in footer area, Design, Document Info, File Path

12 January 2017

Office 2010 onwards – Keep important documents pinned

File, Open, click on push-pin icon on the right hand side of the selected file.


6 December 2016

#MSWord quick tips

Ctrl + click selects current sentence.
Horizontal line – type 3 hyphens and Enter.
CTRL+backspace deletes preceding word

18 November 2016

Windows10 Update error 0x800706d9

Firewall is not activated
R-Click Start, Control Panel, System & Security, Windows Firewall, Turn it on

17 November 2016

Excel Dates tip

Use Text to Columns feature to convert dates from US to UK format.
Use Step 3 of the process to select date format required

8 November 2016

Excel tip

Select data, F5, Special.., Row Differences, OK

7 November 2016

#Excel Quickly move between many sheets

R-click the VCR Control area (bottom left) and a sheet list of all tabs will show up!

21 October 2016

Excel Date formulas

Last day in month =EOMONTH(B6,0) – Use zero to give last day of month as per cell B6.
1=next month or -1 previous month

14 October 2016

Word Spell check not working properly

Too much to put into Twitter – check this out its marvelous! …
Still learning!

20 September 2016


Delete a table without losing the data or formatting
Design tab, (Tools group), click Convert to Range, Yes

7 September 2016

#SharePoint365 autosize col width to fit any text

6 September 2016


F11 – change Default chart style
1. Design tab click Change Chart Type
2. R-click Chart you want, Set as Default Chart, OK

15 August 2016

Delete the Windows.old folder

type Cleanup in search box
Disk Cleanup
Clean up system files
tick – Previous Windows installation(s)

29 July 2016

More Enliten IT Training Retweeted Richard Adams

Bit draconian methinks!
Obviously the head never taught English!!!Enliten IT Training added,

26 July 2016

Rename multiple files at once – Windows

1 Select files to rename
2 r-click one & select Rename
3 Type name, Enter.

20 July 2016

#Pivots Dynamic range to capture added lines

1. Ctrl-T to create a Table
2. Design, Summarize with PivotTable
3. Build as pivot as normal

17 June 2016

Excel Autosum shortcut

Windows – ALT + = (the equal sign).
OS X – Command – Shift – T by default

15 June 2016

Excel conversion

Need to convert data from one measurement system to another? Don’t fret use the CONVERT function …

1 June 2016

Excel Arrange Windows (little known method)

Shift Key & r-click on Excel icon on the Windows Task Bar – you get options for arranging !!

27 May 2016

Office 365, user photos stored

low-res (<100KB) ThumbnailPhoto attribute in Active Dir
high-res in root dir of user Exchange Online mailbox

20 May 2016


ALT + = (Autosum)
CTRL + Shift (Drag a shape in line)
ALT and drag a shape/chart (Snap to grid)

19 May 2016

Add Folder to Library

File Explorer, select folder in Libraries, Manage tab, Manage library, Add select a folder/drive, Include folder, OK

12 May 2016

#AutoCAD2016 shortcut for TOGGLES:

F10 Polar Tracking

5 May 2016

Turn off Protected View

File, Options, Trust Center, Settings, Protected View tab, Enable protected view for files originating from internet

25 April 2016

#Excel Date Maths

Take one date from another will give a minus no if one is a future date. To see no of days (without minus sign =ABS(A1-B1)

1 April 2016

More Enliten IT Training Retweeted Barclays UK Help

so how do I find out how it’s progressing?Enliten IT Training added,
Barclays UK Help
Verified account

31 March 2016

Clear browsing history shortcut

Ctrl, Shift and Delete (and pick your options) – works in IE; Chrome, Firefox
Ctrl, Alt and E – Safari

21 March 2016

Outlook – Auto Delete Mail Selectively

In any folder, R-click on email, Rules, Always Move Messages From:, select Deleted Items folder, OK

8 March 2016


Press Ctrl+Enter to place the same text/formulae in multiple cells

29 February 2016


Sheet protection – You cant sort protected cells!
Create macro to turn Protection off, do the sort and then put protection back on

26 February 2016

Excel, Copy Subtotals

1. Create Subtotal & goto level 2
2. Select subtotal cells
3. Ctrl+C
4. F5, Special, Visible cells only, ok
5. Ctrl+V

22 February 2016

#Excel Shortcuts

Hide rows (Ctrl+9); Unhide rows (Ctrl+Shift+9);
Hide Cols (Ctrl+0); Unhide cols (Ctrl+Shift+0);

9 February 2016

Ever shut down a tab in Internet Explorer accidently?

No problem – to get it back press:

27 January 2016

#Explorer Send To: options missing?

Goto – C:UsersUSERAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsSendTo
& delete the Bluetooth option (0 bytes)

7 January 2016

No Outlook contacts in TO:

R-click Contacts subfolder, Properties, email address book folder, Tick “Show this folder as email address book”


9 December 2015

#Win10 Disable Bluetooth

Windows key + R, type in devmgmt.msc, Enter, Bluetooth, r-click on your Bluetooth adapter, Disable

2 December 2015

More Enliten IT Training Retweeted Watson Martin

#HRqualsEnliten IT Training added,

23 November 2015


Create autonumbering sequence e.g. 1-100 that deals with deleted cells
A. In A4 type 1
B. In a5 type =COUNTA($A$4:A4)+1
C. Copy

16 November 2015

Excel 2016 use data analysis add-ins

File, Options, Advanced, tick Enable Data Analysis add-ins: Power Pivot, Power View, and Power Map, ok

13 November 2015


Big patch update coming out today..

3 November 2015

Office2016 – add Google Drive to Save As

1 install free Google Drive plug-in for Office (driveforoffice.exe)
2 Launch Word, follow wizard

26 October 2015

Win10 – ISO images

No 3rd party software needed 4 ISO images.
R-click on ISO file, click ‘Mount’.
ISO images are now virtual discs

7 October 2015

#Excel tip – Remove annoying clip art/icons pasted from web.

[Home], Find and Select, Go To Special, tick Objects box, OK
Press Delete

5 October 2015

Windows Safe Mode boot

Use Shift + Restart (works in Windows 8 & 8.1) to force a safe boot with advanced options

24 September 2015

#Outlook tip

Stop Outlook using pop-up windows
File, Options, Mail, Replies and forwards, tick Open replies and forwards in a new window

27 August 2015

#SharePoint tip Sync SharePoint Calendar with Outlook

Open calendar, Click CALENDAR tab, Connect to Outlook (Connect & Export Group)

20 August 2015

#Win10 tip

You can now copy/paste in Command Prompt!
Open command prompt, R-click title bar, Properties.
Enjoy.. the new options

18 August 2015

ISO files – How to read them.

Use Windows 8.x to mount an ISO file easily by:
Select the ISO file, Right-click and select Mount.

13 August 2015

#Excel tip

Huge file size but not much in it? a format issue Remove all formatting & redo.
1 Select whole sheet
2 Home, Clear, Clear Formats

7 August 2015

#Win10 tips

Win key+Ctrl+D – Add virtual desktop
Win key+Ctrl+Left/Right arrow – Switch virtual desktops
Ctrl+Alt+Tab – View open apps

29 July 2015


Want to highlight a complete block of data quickly e.g. for a pivot table?
Ctrl + Shift + 8 (put cursor anywhere in block)

22 July 2015


16 disgruntled holiday makers. Fiasco stranded in Sorrento port. Package trip a disaster. No reps available. POOR SHOW

7 July 2015

Office 365 – Share file from Office desktop app

File, Share, Invite People, select people, select permissions, type message, click Share.

23 June 2015


CTRL+0 – Zoom to 100%
CTRL+J – View downloaded files
CTRL+SHIFT+P – InPrivate browsing
CTRL+SHIFT+Delete – Del browsing History

19 June 2015

#Excel tip – Moving around blocks of data

Double click on a cell border to get to the bottom/top/left/right end of a list of data

29 May 2015


Want to edit an existing email?
1 Open email
2 [Message ribbon], Actions, Edit message
3 Make changes
4 Press ESC key, Yes

28 May 2015


If you have highlighted a bunch of cells:
Press Ctrl+. (period) to move the active cell clockwise to the next nearest corner.

21 May 2015


New doc use Calibri/double spacing by default.
Right-click Normal stylesheet icon, Modify, New Docs based on this template

29 April 2015


Comments – Highlight portion of text, [Review], New Comment
AutoBullets – type an asterisk & hit spacebar
Thesaurus – Shift+F7

27 April 2015

Microsoft do a free Tip of the Day for Office 365 – get it from this link …

20 April 2015


Want to locate all your formulas? This easy command will highlight them all for you..
[Home], Find & Select, Formulas

15 April 2015

#Excel tip

Calculating persons age?
where C2 is the persons DOB.

13 April 2015

4k Training Grants available in Essex for new starters. … … @halfon4harlowMP @Harlowstar

8 April 2015

#Lync2013 tips

IM window
CTRL+F – Send a file
CTRL+W – Show/Hide IM area
CTRL+R – Show participants
CTRL+Shift+I – Mark as Important

2 April 2015

#Office_2013 Download your free Microsoft Office 2013 quick reference cards from here.


30 March 2015

Lotus Domino file locations and troubleshooting tips …

23 March 2015

Win8.1 tip

Add frequently used folders to your Library in Explorer
1. R-click on the folder
2. Include in Library, pick the 1 you want

18 March 2015

InfoPath- create dynamic label

1.Add Text Box control & D-click it
3.Display tab, tick Read-only, OK.
Rules/filters 2 change text in field

13 March 2015

Win 8 – Keyboard Shortcuts

Maximise window – Windows logo key and up arrow
Minimise window – Windows logo key +Down Arrow

12 March 2015

#Office2013 Ribbon choices

Click Ribbon Display options icon (top right next to ?)
Auto hide
Show tabs
Show Tabs and Commands (default)

10 March 2015

#Office2013 – Disable start screens

File > Options > General > untick the box “Show the Start screen when this application starts” > OK

3 March 2015

#MSProject: move completed task parts back 2 Status date

File,Options,Advanced, Move end completed parts after status date back status date

2 March 2015

Outlook2013 tips Calendar weather options:

23 February 2015

#Acrobat shortcuts

Ctrl+6; Insert Sticky Note
Shift+Ctrl+D; Delete Pages
Ctrl+R; Show/Hide Rulers
Ctrl+U; Show/Hide Grid
CTRL+D; Properties

17 February 2015


File, Save for Web – use Image Size controls to resize pic (width/height pixels, or % value.
Great 4 sharing pic on blog etc

16 February 2015


Windows 8.1 & Acrobat – if View, Preview Pane activated you cant delete the PDF file (basically it’s in use). Disable preview pane!

10 February 2015

Download & distribute to your colleagues – Free Microsoft Office 2013/Office 365 quick reference cards:

9 February 2015

#Chrome tips

Press Shift+Esc to view the Chrome Task Manager
R-click on a tab you can choose to pin it to the browser.

29 January 2015


Not sure what your quota is?
R-click status bar, Click Quota Information
Ur available quota shows bottom left side status bar

26 January 2015

To set up social networking in #Outlook

File, Account Settings, Social Network Accounts and follow the onscreen instructions

23 January 2015

Free technical ebooks from Microsoft Virtual Academy to download

22 January 2015


Well it’s going to be a free upgrade when released (but only for the first year!).
Might encourage business to finally adopt.

20 January 2015

#Win8.1 tip – show Administrator account

Activate the Command prompt and type in:
net user administrator /active:yes

19 January 2015

#Win8.1- Always Start Application as Administrator

R-click App/Shortcut, Properties, Compatibility tab, Run this program as administrator,ok

15 January 2015


Registered Trademark (®) =Option+R(Mac); Alt+0174(Win)
Trademark™ =Option+2(Mac); Alt+0153
Copyright © =Option+G(Mac); Alt+0169

12 January 2015


Want to remove your password?
Settings, Change PC settings, Accounts, Your account, Disconnect, follow prompts

9 January 2015

#OutlookWebApp – Recover deleted emails

In the email folder list, r-click Deleted Items, click Recover deleted items…

6 January 2015

Visio13 tip

Create multiple evenly spaced same shapes
1 copy shape (Ctrl+Drag)
2 Ctrl+Y & repeat X times
copy this row X times 2 create grid


18 December 2014

#Word_tip REMOVE all formatting quickly

1 copy text & paste into Notepad
(Notepad only uses unformatted text)
2 copy & paste back into Word

16 December 2014

#Lync2013 Share file presentation

open file, File, Share, Present Online, Present
select scheduled meeting or Start a new Lync meeting, OK.

12 December 2014

#Word Online tips

Ctrl+Z – Switch to Zoom control
Ctrl+G – Switch to page-number control
Ctrl+Period – Bulleted list
Ctrl+E – Align centre

10 December 2014

#Office2010/13 tip Recover unsaved documents:

File, Open, Recent Documents, Recover Unsaved Documents (bottom of screen), follow prompts..

8 December 2014

#Acrobat Combine pages from several docs

File, Combine, Merge Files into a single PDF, Add Files, pick docs, choose ur pages, Combine Files

4 December 2014


Lock Position/Unlock Position F6
Bring to Front F5
Bring Forward Ctrl+F5
Send to Back Shift+F5
Send Backward Ctrl+Shift+F5

1 December 2014

#Win8.1 Boot 2 desktop

Rclick desktop toolbar, Properties, Nav tab, “When I sign in/close all apps on screen, go 2 desktop instead of Start”

24 November 2014


Learn PowerQuery from Microsoft. …

19 November 2014

#Office2010tip – Show the Location of a File

File, Options, Quick Access Toolbar, Commands not in the ribbon, Document Location, Add>>, OK

17 November 2014


CTRL + Enter – Page Break
SHIFT + Enter – Line break (good with bullets/numbers)
CTRL + Tab (move to tab in a Table)

13 November 2014


Don’t bother typing lots of dash lines – use the Repeat function
=REPT(“text”,no times)
e.g. =REPT(“-“,25)

12 November 2014


Can’t find cloud shapes?
View, Shapes, More Shapes, Search for Shapes, type ‘cloud’, choose from the list

11 November 2014


Use N function to add a Comment in a cell formula
e.g. =B24*5%+N(“we think this pay increase amount is reasonable”)

10 November 2014

We like donkeys so are going to sponsor a Donkey! #theDonkeySanctuary

Lots to pick from – still deciding!
Make a donkeys day – get involved!

30 October 2014

#jQuery tip

To scroll the page in jQuery:

28 October 2014

#InDesign tips

Adjust Type Size – CMD + Shift + < or > to increase/decrease
Changing Fonts – Use CMD + 6 makes cursor goto font being used

27 October 2014


stop sentence capitals
File, Option, Proofing, AutoCorrect Options button, untick Capitalize first letter of sentences box, OK

23 October 2014


convert numbers stored as text:
1 Select cells
2 Click warning indicator (next to top-most cell)
3 Click Convert to number

21 October 2014


label all objects b4 creating Drag&Drop!
Coz If u want to add/edit names after Drag&Drop links created, you’ll break the links

17 October 2014

SharePoint setup alerts (email/SMS) whenever things change.

Click Alert Me button; choose context, scope, and time for alerts

16 October 2014


R-click Windows icon, Control Panel, System&Security, Windows Update, click optional, any updates you dont want, Hide updates

15 October 2014


Hard page break – Ctrl + Enter
Soft page break – Shift + Enter

10 October 2014

#Outlook13 tip

Set emails to auto destruct after x days:
1. Start email
2. File, Properties, Expires after, put in a date & time, Close

8 October 2014

#CorelDraw tips

D-click Shape tool to select all nodes of selected object.
ALT with Shape tool (F10) lets u select nodes in freehand mode

7 October 2014

#OneNote tip

IE has two page clippers: Send to OneNote & Link to OneNote.
It preserves page formatting, timestamps, and adds the source URL

6 October 2014


Use Sumproduct to calculate arrays

3 October 2014


1. explicit phrases enclose in quote marks eg “Saab cars”
2. Exclude specific words with the minus sign eg F1 -Vettel

23 September 2014


Ctrl + J = downloads
Ctrl + H = History
Ctrl + N = New tab window
Ctrl + Shift + N = new Incognito window
Ctrl + D = Bookmark

22 September 2014


Mark as read – CTRL+Q
Mark as unread – CTRL+U
Look for people in ‘Search Address Books’ – F11

19 September 2014


1 File, Security, User Security, P/W, Log In
2 Change Password, enter current P/W, Log In
3 Type new P/W, Generate Password

15 September 2014


Make sure the analysis toolpak is installed for more functions.
File, Options, Add-ins, Go, tick the ones you want, ok

11 September 2014


Get rid of outdated updates
1. Windows+R
2. type CLEANMGR, Enter
3. OK to C: and wait
4.Tick “Windows Update Cleanup”, OK

10 September 2014


To quickly rotate images in Windows Explorer
1. Select images
2. R-click
3. Rotate clockwise/counter clockwise

8 September 2014


Turn data in columns to rows (or vise versa)
1. copy the row or column
2. r-click destination cell
3. Paste Special, Transpose OK

2 September 2014

Copy & Paste an image/shape in ONE command!!

29 August 2014


to set the default font on all docs
2. Pick a font
3. Set as Default
4. All docs based on normal.dotm template
5. OK

28 August 2014


Find duplicates in 2 lists
1 Select cells in both lists
2 Conditional Formatting, Highlight Cells Rules, Duplicate Values

20 August 2014


Delete unused Auto-suggested names:
1 Start typing name/email address.
2 Pick unwanted (use Up/Down Arrow)
3 Press Delete key.

19 August 2014

CRM 4 Outlook user settings:

Tick checkboxes appointment, task etc. to get CRM customised form rather than standard Outlook form.

6 August 2014


Group – Ctrl+G
Ungroup Ctrl+U
Lock/Unlock Position F6
Bring to Front F5
Bring Forward Ctrl+F5
Send to Back Shift+F5

5 August 2014


Windows+N shortcut provides the options to send a screen clipping to OneNote or to create a new quick note.

4 August 2014


Drag email onto Calendar icon to quickly add details to your diary..

31 July 2014


CTRL+Shift+P – Format Painter On/Off
CTRL+Shift+dot – Increase font
CTRL+Shift+comma – Decrease font

29 July 2014


Sorry to say that MapPoint is being discontinued at the end of this year!
Online support will last until at least July 2015.

28 July 2014


Toggle keys:
F6 – Dynamic UCS
F7 – Grid
F8 – Ortho
F9 – Snap
F10 – Polar
F11 – Object snap tracking
F12 – dynamic input mode

24 July 2014


Ctrl+D – add site to favourites
Ctrl+Shift+P – InPrivate browsing
Ctrl+0 – Zoom 100%
Ctrl+K -Duplicate tab
Ctrl+T New tab

22 July 2014

#MSOfficetip Draw perfect circle:

1 – hold Shift key whilst drawing oval shape
2 – Ctrl & Shift to centre the circle at point u clicked

18 July 2014

#Outlook2010tip Empty the rubbish automatically.

File, Options, Advanced, Tick ‘Empty Deleted Items folders when exiting Outlook’, OK

15 July 2014


After applying filter in Gantt chart press F3 to view all tasks again.
Alt-Home in Gantt chart 2 position to start of project

14 July 2014


neat trick to get a textbox linked to cell value.
Select the box, click in formula bar, enter your formula eg =F6

7 July 2014

Neat idea – I think we will get a few around the office!! …

4 July 2014


Zoom to Region
Ctrl + Shift + Left Mouse-drag (just drag a net around the area that you want to zoom into)

1 July 2014


1.Select all shapes. (primary shape=thick pink edge that rest align 2)
2.Shape, Align Shapes
3.pick left, middle or right, OK

19 June 2014


To add the Ruler:
2 QAT dropdown, More Commands, “Choose commands from” = All commands, Ruler, Add>>, OK

18 June 2014


From start screen – to pin any application to the taskbar just right-click on it; from App Bar click Pin to taskbar.

16 June 2014

Is it just me or are the MOS 2013 exams really badly written and confusing?

12 June 2014

Articulate Engage 13 shortcuts:

Ctrl+G – Add new segment to Circle Diagram or Pyramid interaction
F12 Preview interaction from beginning

9 June 2014

Microsoft Office Ribbon tip

Add shortcuts to your Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) easily.
1. R-click on any icon
2. Add to Quick Access Toolbar

6 June 2014


Use search “groups” (everything, people, conversations) to narrow your search scope to just specific types of content.

5 June 2014


Use CTRL-PageDown and CTRL-PageUp to move through worksheet tabs

4 June 2014


Q – Keep losing the leading 0 when typing in phone numbers?
A – Simply enter an ‘ (apostrophe) first then your phone number!

23 May 2014


Windows key +
spacebar – peak desktop
up arrow – maximise
down arrow – minimise/restore
M – minimise all windows
E – My computer

21 May 2014

MSAccess Field Validation Rules

Accept a-z letters only – Is Null OR Not Like “*[!a-z]*”
Exactly 8 characters – Is Null OR Like “????????”

19 May 2014

Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam – free preparation materials

16 May 2014

Excel 2010/13 AutoRecover Settings:

13 May 2014


Speed up tips
1 Primary key on all tables
2 Add secondary indexes to fields
3 Sharing on network? use Access Database splitter

8 May 2014


Convert a table back to a range (normal cells)
Right-click in the table, Table, Convert to Range, Yes.

6 May 2014


Type in any of the following symbols followed by enter to get horizontal lines
3 ***
3 ___ (underscore)
3 ===
3 ###
3 ~~~

30 April 2014

Internet Explorer hit headlines.

Opinions please!! …

29 April 2014

Internet Explorer Favourites

Press Ctrl+D to add a web page to your Favourites list

23 April 2014

#DreamweaverCC web font browser – Edge Web Fonts.

Choose Modify, Manage Fonts, Adobe Edge Web Fonts tab, tick typeface you want, Done.

17 April 2014

Photoshop CS6 background flickering In Windows8 problem fix:

Edit, Preferences, Performance, Advanced Settings, Basic, OK

11 April 2014

Remove multiple Outlook calender entries

1 Click Calendar (nav panel)
2 Click View, Change View, List
3 Select events (Ctrl-A =all)
4 Delete

10 April 2014

Now WindowsXP has no support a few customers have asked when will Windows 7 go?

Policy supposed 2b 10 yrs from release so expect it 1/1/2020

7 April 2014


CTRL+M – Open a new window
CTRL+SHIFT+M – Open a small window to create a side note.
CTRL+SHIFT+R – Show/hide rule lines

1 April 2014

#SharePoint2010 tip

When deleting look 4 message stating the item is being sent to Recycle Bin. If not you nor your IT depart can restore it

27 March 2014

#HTML5Viewer Tips

Ctrl+ S Split document
Ctrl+ R Rotate doc 90° to right
Ctrl+ I Display index entries
Ctrl+ Y Print with annotations

26 March 2014


After applying a Filter in a Gantt chart press [F3] to view all tasks again instead of applying the All Tasks filter

25 March 2014

#Visio2013 Getting fuzzy AutoCAD imports at high level zooms?

Install SP1 and your problem will be fixed

24 March 2014


You can protect sections with sensitive data in them e.g. bank details etc. Use:
File, Password Protect this Section.

20 March 2014

SQL Server 2014 RTM available April 1

19 March 2014

#XLtip Highlight precedent cells

Use Ctrl+[ to move from the current formula cell to precedent cell/s (if there are any) of that formula.

18 March 2014

Excel Freeze Panes – lock your data on screen

Rows r locked above cursor
Cols r locked to left of cursor
[View, Freeze Panes, Freeze Panes]

17 March 2014

#Pivots – Stop Pivots retaining old data no longer referenced

R-click, PivotTable Options, Data tab, Number items to retain per field=None

13 March 2014


Pivit Tables – Simply double-click on any number in a table and it will show you an itemised list of how that number was derived.

7 March 2014

Transpose (flip) row/cols

1 Select range & CTRL+C
2 In blank cell
3 [Home], Paste, choose Transpose icon (or Paste Special, Transpose, OK)

6 March 2014

Office Ribbon taking up too much space?

CTRL+F1 to hide/unhide it

3 March 2014

Nice quote

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

28 February 2014

Word 07/10 Redaction Tool – download from:
It will be added to the Review tab.
(Note:NOT officially supported by MS)

26 February 2014

PPT Presentation tips:

1.Ask questions, interact with audience
2.Use diagrams & graphs & pictures
3.Avoid bucket loads of text!

25 February 2014

Outlook 2010 PST errors? Use the Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) found on 32-bit pcs in:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice14
Mary Karpel-Jergic

20 February 2014

#MSProject: A simple way to link tasks is to select tasks and use CTRL+F2.

To unlink CTRL+SHIFT+F2 for training

17 February 2014

#Outlook 2010 tips

Subscript CTRL+=
Superscript CTRL+SHIFT++
Send message CTRL+ENTER
Mark as Unread – CTRL+ U

14 February 2014

XL Pivot table – Grouping a Number Field:

R-click any value in the field, click Group.
Type in Start, End and By numbers, OK

10 February 2014

#Wordtips quick select

Word – Double-click it
Sentence – Ctrl+click it
Paragraph – Triple-click it
Whole doc – Ctrl+click in left margin

30 January 2014

Leaving your PC temporarily?

Press the Windows key+L to lock your computer screen so that no-one else can access it while you away.

24 January 2014


Keep Row/Col permanently displayed.
Rule – Freezes Above & to Left of cursor position.
Select View, Freeze Panes, Freeze Panes

23 January 2014

Excel – copy formula by double clicking Fill Handle (black + symbol on bottom corner of cell) to the end of the data in that column.

20 January 2014

Win8, Apps folder:

1.Create folder
2.Call it
3.Open folder 2c ur installed apps

17 January 2014

Microsoft App Store

FREE Office 365 Tip of the Day app …
You might just discover something useful!

15 January 2014

Good article on SEO and online directories – are they still relevant? …

10 January 2014


Remove all hyperlinks in document
1. Ctrl-A – select whole document.
2. Ctrl-Shift-F9 – removes all underlying fields

8 January 2014

Free ColorPic ( ) for RGB colour specs.

Eyedropper icon, point to the colour you want & it displays the RGB numbers.


30 December 2013


Crop image to save space.
Format tab, Crop button. Use crop handles to drag inward around image. Click outside to finish.

18 December 2013

Office 2007onwards

Pin frequently used files – click the pin symbol (right of file name). Files remain at top of list in Recent Documents

11 December 2013

Fed up with Office 2013 start-up screens?

File, Options, General, remove tick next to ‘Show the Start screen when this application starts’

10 December 2013


Print to OneNote – Ctrl +P, in printers select Send to OneNote 2010.
Stored in “Unfiled Notes” tab, move to where you want it.

9 December 2013


Remember people cant read a slide and listen to a presenter at the same time.
To stop them reading ahead put one point per slide!

3 December 2013


Axis problems caused by missing data (e.g. dates) make bad looking charts.
Change Axis Type to be ‘Text Axis’ – problem solved.

27 November 2013


Insert a blank page – CTRL+SHIFT+Q
Add a bookmark – CTRL+B
Show/Hide ruler – CTRL+R
Load Preflight – CTRL+SHIFT+X

21 November 2013

Free PPT templates for use with Articulate ’13 for rapid eLearning development …

18 November 2013

#WORDtips Selecting text

Double-click a word.
CTRL & click anywhere for a sentence. Triple-click anywhere to select entire paragraph.

13 November 2013


Zoom In 2x: Ctrl + Shift + Left Mouse-click
Zoom Out 2x: Ctrl + Shift + Right Mouse-click

11 November 2013


Don’t forget Undo does not work if you delete a sheet or link between files. So if not sure just save 1st to be on the safe side

8 November 2013


Cant remember the shortcuts then select
Edit, Keyboard Shortcuts or
PC: Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K
MAC: Alt / Option+Shift+Cmd+K

5 November 2013

#dreamweaverCS6tips –

Alt F12 Debug in Primary Browser
Alt F8 View Site map
F8 View site files
Ctrl F8 Check links Sitewide

30 October 2013

Adobe moves 2 subscription model from next month.

Obviously trying to make it easier to get more than 38 million hacked next time chaps?

25 October 2013

#Outlooktip Outlook Email Multi Sort

Click column header to sort (eg from), then hold SHIFT key & click 2nd header (eg “received”).

24 October 2013


Unique Count available 4 Pivots.
Insert, Pivot table, tick “Add this data to the Data Model”, OK
Summarise values=distinct count

23 October 2013

#Exceltip To REALLY hide a sheet

Alt-F11 to VB Editor
Select sheet to hide
Properties Window, Visible property box
Set to xlSheetVeryHidden

21 October 2013

#Excel Save time highlighting data blocks quickly.

Start in top left corner – press & hold SHIFT+CTRL then click down arrow & right arrow

17 October 2013


To display the current month numerically, use =MONTH(TODAY())

16 October 2013

Its a pain when the Excel formula tool tip gets in the way (especially on long formulas).

So pick it up at the edge & move it out of the way
Denise Hudson

9 October 2013

Word shortcuts:

Ctrl+1 – Change to single line spacing
Ctrl+2 – Change to double line spacing Ctrl+5 – Change to 1.5 line spacing

9 October 2013

9 Oct 2013

L&D professionals must understand technology and know how to exploit it @timbuckteeth #learningpoollive

3 October 2013


Use F11 to toggle the Navigation pane.
Keyboard is king!!

1 October 2013

Outlook continuing to run after exit? It can’t close properly if another app is accessing its message store

Culprit is add-ins! Disable them

27 September 2013

Excel 2013 Pivot tables – At last you can sort column fields in A-Z order!

In PivotTable Fields section, click Tools icon, Sort A-Z.

24 September 2013

#HTML – The type attribute in HTML4 is not supported in HTML5.

Use CSS instead!

23 September 2013

Quick Excel Tip – Want to highlight selected cells only and not the hidden ones as well?

F5, Special.. Visible Cells only – job done!

17 September 2013

Lend youngsters a helping hand

Developing your Business through Microsoft Apprenticeships: Event on 26 Sept, London …

6 September 2013

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!”

Milton Berle..

19 August 2013

If your team have a specialist #ITlearning needs a bespoke training session will address exactly what’s needed –

18 August 2013

Upgrading your MSOffice applications? Get your staff up to speed fast with Office 2010 upgrade training. –

17 August 2013

#MSOutlook: Send the same message to several people with a Contact Group. The email addresses are visible to all. –

15 August 2013

#MSPowerPoint tip: To see computer task bar click CTRL+T, useful to see a website during the presentation –

14 August 2013

#MSExcel: To reveal hidden rows select the area and use CTRL+( –

13 August 2013

Need to find out if your staff could improve their IT skills? Carry out a training needs analysis. –

12 August 2013

#MSExcel: To format cells with the date CTRL+#; for format numbers to 2 dec places CTRL SHIFT+^ –

11 August 2013

#MSProject: Alt+F10 opens the Assign Resources box so you can ensure the right people have access to what they need –

10 August 2013

#LotusNotes8 shortcut to close the current window is simply ESC –

9 August 2013

#ComputerTraining that comes to your office. Laptop based ?classroom? means total flexibility –

8 August 2013

#ITtips: With online forms the TAB key usually takes you to the next box – saves lots of mouse/click action. –

7 August 2013

#MSOfficeTips: CTRL+; enters the current date wherever your cursor is currently located. –

6 August 2013

#MSPowerPoint: Look at the shortcut menu with SHIFT F10 –

5 August 2013

#HTML tags
a form to be completed online;

4 August 2013

#MSWord: To create a double underline use CTRL+SHIFT+D – and the same to remove it. –

3 August 2013

#Windows7: Windows icon+Left arrow moves window left, repeat to go right, repeat to go centre –

2 August 2013

Learn how to use #QuarkExpress9 and you can produce your marketing material in-house. –

1 August 2013

#QuarkXpress9 use Ctrl+Alt+U to paste without formatting –

31 July 2013

#MicrosoftProject use the F5 Go To box to locate a task quickly using the Task ID field or by date. –

30 July 2013

#Lotus Notes 8.x shortcuts – to move to the next window press CTRL and TAB –

27 July 2013

In #MSWord CTRL+F2 will take you to a print preview – a quick way to see how it looks. –

26 July 2013

#ITtips: Can’t see new website? CTRL F5 for a hard refresh to clear the cache. –

25 July 2013

#MSOutlook: Save cursor movement, use tab key to move from cell to cell ? email, CC, subject, etc. –

24 July 2013

Do you know the true capabilities of Excel? It does far more than most people know about. –

23 July 2013

#MSOfficeTips: in all versions of Microsoft Office (for all products) – CTRL S to Save & CTRL P to Print –

22 July 2013

#HTML5 basics – Date: shows the start of a paragraph;
a single line break and a possible line break –

21 July 2013

#MSOutlook: Put an email on your task list – select message, click follow up (toolbar) and click flag –

20 July 2013

#MSExcel:CTRL + N will create a new worksheet – quicker than messing about with menus! –

18 July 2013

#MSWord: Shift+F3 changes the case from lower, to upper, to headline in rotation each time you use it. –

17 July 2013

#MSProject: Task scheduling can be done manually or automated; CTRL+SHIFT+M or CTRL+SHIFT+A – no problem! –

16 July 2013

precedes a group of media content and their caption (and
shows where it ends) –

12 July 2013

#MSOutlook: Message options allow you to change importance, add notifications, schedule and change reply address –

11 July 2013

#MSPowerPoint tip: CTRL+SHIFT+C copies only the formatting and CTRL+SHIFT+V pastes it. –

9 July 2013

#MSWord: To create a page break, CTRL+Enter forces a break. –

8 July 2013

#MSExcel: To format cells with the date CTRL+#; for format numbers to 2 dec places CTRL SHIFT+^ –

7 July 2013

#MSProject: Alt+F10 opens the Assign Resources box so you can ensure the right people have access to what they need –

6 July 2013

#LotusNotes8 shortcut to close the current window is simply ESC –

5 July 2013

#AdobeAcrobat is more than a means of viewing documents across different platforms, discover how flexible it is –

4 July 2013

#ITtips: With online forms the TAB key usually takes you to the next box – saves lots of mouse/click action. –

3 July 2013

#MSOfficeTips: CTRL+; enters the current date wherever your cursor is currently located. –

2 July 2013

#MSPowerPoint: Look at the shortcut menu with SHIFT F10 –

1 July 2013

#HTML tags a form to be completed online;

30 June 2013

#MSWord: To create a double underline use CTRL+SHIFT+D – and the same to remove it. –

29 June 2013

#Windows7: Windows icon+Left arrow moves window left, repeat to go right, repeat to go centre –

28 June 2013

Learn how to use #QuarkExpress9 and you can produce your marketing material in-house. –

27 June 2013

#QuarkXpress9 use Ctrl+Alt+U to paste without formatting –

26 June 2013

#MicrosoftProject use the F5 Go To box to locate a task quickly using the Task ID field or by date. –

25 June 2013

#Lotus Notes 8.x shortcuts – to move to the next window press CTRL and TAB –

22 June 2013

In #MSWord CTRL+F2 will take you to a print preview – a quick way to see how it looks. –

21 June 2013

#ITtips: Can’t see new website? CTRL F5 for a hard refresh to clear the cache. –

20 June 2013

#MSOutlook: Save cursor movement, use tab key to move from cell to cell ? email, CC, subject, etc. –

19 June 2013

#ComputerTraining that comes to your office. Laptop based ?classroom? means total flexibility –

18 June 2013

#MSOfficeTips: in all versions of Microsoft Office (for all products) – CTRL S to Save & CTRL P to Print –

17 June 2013

#HTML5 basics – Date: shows the start of a paragraph;
a single line break and a possible line break –

16 June 2013

#MSOutlook: Put an email on your task list – select message, click follow up (toolbar) and click flag –

15 June 2013

#MSPowerPoint tip: Repeat previous animation; backspace OR P, OR right or down arrow OR page down key –

13 June 2013

#MSWord: Shift+F3 changes the case from lower, to upper, to headline in rotation each time you use it. –

12 June 2013

#MSProject: Task scheduling can be done manually or automated; CTRL+SHIFT+M or CTRL+SHIFT+A – no problem! –

11 June 2013

precedes a group of media content and their caption (and
shows where it ends) –

10 June 2013

#Windows7: To save minimising windows one by one, the Windows icon+D shows desktop –

9 June 2013

In #HTML5 use

7 June 2013

Get your team performing more efficiently by upgrading their skills on #Word, #Excel and #PowerPoint –

5 June 2013

Need to improve your #Oracle, #Novell or other skills? Give us a call ? flexible training options. –

4 June 2013

#MSWord: To create a page break, CTRL+Enter forces a break. –

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