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GroupWise is basically Micro Focus's version of Microsoft Outlook i.e. a messaging and collaboration platform that covers email, calendaring, personal information management, instant messaging, and document management. Our Micro Focus GroupWise course is totally customisable to suit your corporate business requirements.

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Micro Focus GroupWise 18 Email course

1 or 2 days

This document outlines the various different modules that are available for training.  Our Micro Focus GroupWise 18 Email course is fully tailored to client requirements, hence you can ‘Pick and Mix’ which topics to learn.  The length of any training will depend upon what modules are needed.

The content takes delegates from the basics of GroupWise email, calendar, resources and instant messaging through to more advanced features that enable the sharing and management of information and documents amongst users and remote working via WebAccess.

It also covers ‐ accessing email and documents through a browser; using rules to manage GroupWise resources; customisation of the GroupWise environment, archiving and security issues.

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What will you learn?


Anyone whose company uses GroupWise as their email system.

Course Contents

Getting Started

  • Getting Started
    • Signing in, logging in/out
    • Modes: Online, Caching, and Remote
    • Customizing Your Mode
  • Exploring the Home View
    • Toolbars, Panels & Navigation Bar
    • Folder Context Toolbar
    • Display Options
    • Header
    • Panels
  • Getting Help
    • Help Menu Options
    • Menu Bar
    • What's This
    • Using GroupWise Cool Solutions


  • Managing Contacts
    • Create New Contacts & Address Books
    • Edit Contact Information
    • Create a Personal Group
    • View/Sort Contacts
    • Filter Contacts
  • Address Books
    • Sharing Address Books
    • Frequent Contacts Address Book
    • Tracking Communications
    • Import/Export Address Books
  • Using LDAP to Access Directory Services
    • Add an LDAP Directory Service
    • Searching
    • Add a Directory Service Contact to an Address Book


  • Reading Messages
    • The Mailbox and Message Icons
    • Quick Viewer
    • Mail, Properties & Personalize Tabs
    • Use GroupWise Notify
  • Sending Messages
    • Toolbar options
    • Plain Text Vs HTML Messages
    • Sending Other Message Items
    • Creating Checklist Items
    • Attaching File/s
  • Send Options
    • General Send Options
    • Status Tracking
    • Security Options
    • Resend/Retract Items
  • Auto‐Signatures
    • Creating and applying
    • HTML Signatures
  • Discussion Threads
  • Message Threads
    • Creating a Shared Folder
    • Creating a New Thread
    • Read/Reply to a Thread
  • Routing Slips
    • Create/Us Routing Slips
    • Track Status of a Routed Item
    • Edit an Attachment in a Routing Slip
    • Mark a Routed Item Complete
  • Instant Messaging (IM)
    • Exploring the Conversation Window
    • Sending IM
    • Send Message from GroupWise Client
    • Group Conversations
    • Broadcasts
    • Chatting
  • Formatting Messages
    • Specifying Default Fonts
    • Using Emoticons
    • Setting Your Messenger Status
  • View Your Personal History
    • Save/Print Conversation

Calendar and Tasks

  • Exploring the Calendar View
    • Navigating the Calendar View & Toolbar
  • Creating and Viewing Multiple Calendars
    • Sharing Calendars
    • Changing colours
  • Printing Calendars
    • Form, Content, Options
  • Scheduling Appointments
    • Scheduling a Meeting
    • Scheduling a Meeting with Someone outside your GroupWise System
    • Busy Search’s
    • Individual Schedules
    • Available Times
  • Scheduling Resources
    • Accept/Decline Appointments
    • Viewing Accept/Decline Comments
    • Rescheduling Appointments
    • Posting Personal Appointments
    • Scheduling All Day Events
    • Setting Alarms
  • Assign Tasks and Scheduling Reminder Notes
    • Sending a Task
    • Accept/Decline a Task
    • Marking a Task Complete
  • Posting Tasks
    • Delegating Tasks
    • Routing Tasks
    • Routing a Task from within the Item
    • Routing a Task using the Address Book
  • Sending and Posting Reminder Notes
  • Scheduling Recurring Items
    • Schedule Recurring Items using Dates and Example
    • Accept/Decline a Recurring Item

Managing, Organising and Customising

  • Using Your Cabinet
    • Organising Items/Folders
    • Nesting Folders
  • Customising Toolbars
  • Customising the Home View
    • Adding and Creating Panels
  • Archiving
    • Archiving Items
    • Automatically Archiving
    • Reading Archived Items
    • Removing Items from the Archive
  • Creating and Using Filters
    • Basic Filtering and the Advanced Filter
  • Finding Items
    • Find Results
    • Finding Text within an Open Item
  • Using the Trash
    • Empty Your Trash
    • Manually Emptying Your Trash
  • Using Folders
    • Creating Folders
    • Moving Items to Folders
    • Linking Items to Folders
  • Using Proxy
    • Setting Up Proxy
    • Accessing Another Person's GroupWise
  • Using Rules
    • Create and Modify a Rule
    • Enabling & Disabling Rules
    • Manually Executing a Rule


  • Passwords
    • Add/Change/Remove Passwords
    • Bypassing Passwords
  • Security Features
    • Marking Items Private
    • Selecting a Security Service Provider
    • Send/Receive Secure Items
    • Digitally Signing or Encrypting Items
  • Security Certificates
    • Obtain a public Security Certificates
    • Digitally Sign an Item
    • Change the Default Security Certificate
    • Customise Your Security Certificates
    • View Trusted Security Certificates You’ve Received
    • Change Trust Levels from “Not Trust” to “Trust” for Previously Received
    • Verify an items Digital Signature
  • Junk Mail
    • Handling Junk Mail
    • Mark a Message as Junk Mail
Blocking HTML Images

Document Management

  • Document Libraries
    • GroupWise Librarian
    • Reference Icons
    • Specify Your Default Library
  • Add Documents to Your Library
    • Create a New Document
    • Import and Copying a Document
    • Setting Property Fields
  • Using Document References
    • Create/Delete Document References
  • Sharing Documents with Others
    • Finding a Document in a Library
    • Find Results
  • Versioning
    • Creating Versions
    • Specifying Official Versions
  • Viewing Documents when the Network is Unavailable
    • Echoing Documents to Your Caching or Remote Mailbox

Remote Email Using WebAccess

  • Using WebAccess
    • Create an eMail and Attach Files
    • Using Spell Check
    • Add a Signature to a Message
    • Adjust Message Options
    • Read, Open and Save an Attachment
    • Mailbox Control Buttons
    • Delete/Undelete Messages
  • Using Folders
    • Create a Folder
    • Moving Items Between Folders
    • Share Folders
    • Accept a Shared Folder
    • Post Items to a Shared Folder
    • Use the Checklist Folder
    • Use the Work in Progress Folder
  • WebAccess Document Features
    • Search for a Document
    • Search Messages and Attachments
  • Using WebAccess Calendar Features
    • Schedule an Appointment
    • Post an Appointment
    • Accept/Decline an Appointment
    • Perform a Busy Search
  • Managing Your Address Book and Contacts
    • Add Contacts
    • Create a New Address Book
  • Setting WebAccess Options
    • Creating an ‘Out‐of‐Office’ Rule
    • Creating a ‘Move to Folder’ Rule
    • Using Proxy
  • Using Internet Mail Accounts with GroupWise
    • IMAP4 and POP3 Account Options
    • Add Internet Mail Accounts
    • Configure Account Signatures
    • Customise Internet Mail Folders
    • Download/Send/Delete Items from Internet Mail Accounts

Course Materials

Enliten IT will provide each delegate with a workbook and other useful reference materials where applicable.  These may be either paper based or in Adobe pdf format or a combination thereof.

“An excellent course that Marko expertly tailored to the needs of a small group – can’t fault the knowledge and learning!  Shelley, Rand Europe”An excellent course, expertly tailored


No prior knowledge of GroupWise is assumed.

Additional Information

NOTE: We only offer the Micro Focus GroupWise 18 Email course on a private in-house basis. For pricing and availability just pick up the phone and call us on 0845 1085481.

Enliten IT reserves the right to modify course content and materials as required in the interests of continuous course improvement, at any time, without notification.

The suggested course duration is a guideline. Course topics and duration may be modified by the instructor based upon the knowledge and skill level of the course participants.