Adobe Photoshop training courses

Adobe Photoshop is image (pixel based pictures/graphics) editing software that allows you to create or edit digital pictures for print or the web.  It’s myriad of styles and effects that can be applied to enhance or manipulate images and animations and it’s probably best known for 'touching up' images for magazine shots (chop, crop and airbrush out those unwanted imperfections!).

For those new to Adobe Photoshop our Introduction course covers the basics (creating and manipulating digital images).  More experienced users should look to our 2-day Intermediate course for managing more complex, multi layered/3d images and batch processing.

Adobe Photoshop training courses
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Adobe Photoshop CC Introduction course

2 days

This Adobe Photoshop CC Introduction course is centred on the manipulation of digital images through image preparation, image editing, and image creation.  You will learn how to create a new image, crop, transform, retouch, paint, enhance, resize and add artistic touches.  Selection methods and working with layers are also dealt with.

This Adobe Photoshop CC Introduction course is suitable for both CC and CS6 versions of the product.

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What will you learn?

At the end of this Adobe Photoshop CC Introduction course, delegates will be able to:
  • Use tools/palettes effectively and understand the terminology
  • Select images using a variety of ways and Crop and Transform them
  • Resize images, change resolution, retouch and repair photos
  • Understand and work with Layers, Masks and Channels
  • Optimise graphics for printing and use with the web


Anyone needing to use Photoshop to manipulate images or those wanting to know the basics with a view to using it with other applications such as InDesign.

Course Contents

User Interface

  • The Photoshop Screen
  • Getting to know the Tools & Palettes
  • Using guides, grids and rulers
  • Controlling the workspace
  • Navigation and Zoom shortcuts

Digital Imaging Foundation

  • Image quality and resolution
  • Bitmap and vector graphics
  • Image and canvas size
  • Colour spaces and bit depth
  • Design theory principles
  • Files formats and media


  • Creating selections using the selection tools
  • Refining selections
  • Transform, scale and distort selections
  • Saving and loading selections

Painting and Retouching

  • Saving and sharing colour pallets and swatches
  • Creating and controlling Gradients
  • Effective use of Brush tools
  • Understanding Retouching tools

Colour Correction

  • Levels and curves
  • Hue and saturation
  • Shadow and highlights


  • Creating and grouping Layers
  • Cropping images
  • Transform and distort layers
  • Add filters from the Filter gallery
  • Effective use of Adjustment layers
  • Creating Layer masks
  • Working with text
  • Applying and controlling Layer effects
  • Blending and transparency settings

Course Materials

Enliten IT will provide each delegate with a workbook and other useful reference materials where applicable. These may be either paper based or in Adobe pdf format or a combination thereof.

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No prior knowledge of Photoshop is assumed.

Additional Information

Enliten IT reserves the right to modify course content and materials as required in the interests of continuous course improvement, at any time, without notification.

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