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Our AutoCAD courses provide plenty of 'hands-on real-world' exercises where you can explore the fundamental concepts and workflows for creating, editing, and printing drawings.  You’ll use features, commands, and techniques for becoming more productive when creating, annotating, and printing drawings in both 2d and 3d models.  All AutoCAD training courses can be modified or tailored for delivery, at your own offices, anywhere within the UK.  Alternatively, you can come to one of our training centres.

The Introduction level course is also suitable for AutoCAD LT users.  We train on all versions of Autodesk AutoCAD.

AutoCAD 2020 – 3d Modeling course

3 days

This AutoCAD 2020 3D Modeling course provides delegates with a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts and workflows of how to design, create and modify 3D models (both solid and surface).

Delegates will use hands-on exercises, representing real-world industry-specific design scenarios, to explore the fundamental concepts and workflows for creating 3D models.   You’ll learn how to create and modify both solid and surface models; present designs while they are still being created; use visualisation tools (e.g. visual styles, model walk and fly throws, materials, and lighting) and how output 3D models to paper or as distributable, electronic versions.

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What will you learn?

At the end of this AutoCAD 2020 3D Modeling course, delegates will be able to:
  • Work proficiently with 3D models
  • Create solid primitives, solid or surface models from cross-sectional geometry, or composite models from multiple solid models,
  • Complete a solid model design by adding the necessary features to detail
  • Duplicate and position 3D models
  • Convert 2D objects to 3D objects
  • Document a 3D design by creating 2D drawings for production and visualization
  • Communicate design ideas using visual styles, lights, model walk-through tools and renderings


Designers, engineers, architects, draftsmen – anyone needing to create 3D models.

Course Contents


  • Introduction to 3D

3D Modeling

  • Creating solid primitives
  • Creating models from 2D profiles
  • Working in 3D
  • Creating composite solids

Creating Models from Cross Sections

  • Converting 2D objects to solids or surfaces

Editing Models

  • Adding detail to solid models
  • Converting objects
  • Editing solid models
  • Extracting geometry from solid models
  • Changing the model position
  • Duplicating a Model
  • Getting information from 3D Objects

Sectioning a Model & Creating Drawings

  • Section a solid model and generate 2D geometry
  • Creating drawings from 3D Models


  • Using Visual Styles
  • Using Lights
  • Using Materials
  • Using the Sun
  • Rendering
  • Navigating the Model using Cameras and Views
  • Walk through Animation

Course Materials

Enliten IT will provide each delegate with a workbook and other useful reference materials where applicable.   These may be either paper based or in Adobe pdf format or a combination thereof.

“Excellent course, will recommend my team to take this series of courses” “Good instructor, fast paced and flexible content!”Fast paced and flexible content

Additional Information

Enliten IT reserves the right to modify course content and materials as required in the interests of continuous course improvement, at any time, without notification.

The suggested course duration is a guideline.  Course topics and duration on the AutoCAD 2020 3d Modeling course may be modified by the instructor based upon the knowledge and skill level of the course participants.

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