1 January

Upgrading your Microsoft technology?

 What Technology will You Use?

There are options when it comes to upgrading your old Microsoft technologies but what is the best cost-effective solution for your business?

Some questions you may ask yourself are:

  1. How much is it all going to cost?
  2. Do we use the Cloud (Office 365) or an On-Premise (Office 2013/16) solution or combination thereof?
  3. Windows 10?
  4. Do you need to upgrade any hardware (servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones)?
  5. Do I need a mix or Microsoft, Linux or Apple?
  6. Have I got the expertise and time resource in-house to do this seamlessly and effectively?
  7. Do I have reliable partners that can assist?
  8. Security, security, security!!
  9. Do I need to export legacy data, and will it be compatible?
  10. Oh no – I’m going to have to budget for training the end-users!


There are obviously more questions to ask but these are big issues in themselves.  A lot depends upon the size of the organisation, the complexity of the deployment and what you really want to be able to achieve at the end of it.  It’s a never ending cycle as technology forges ahead with better ways to get you to spend you money!

If you need any training, well you know who to ask!